"The truly wise knew from time immemorial that education
is one of life's most precious values.


We support studies at prestigious international universities.

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Information on scholarships

The truly wise have known from time immemorial that education is one of life's most valuable assets.

Educated elites are the future of the nation. This is also true for us, even though egalitarian propaganda has convinced us otherwise for many years.

The Czech region has historically been one of those countries where education has been given high priority. One of the first universities in Europe was founded in Prague. Although it was taught mainly in German, it made a great contribution to education in Bohemia. We were among the first countries to introduce compulsory schooling. The high literacy of the population contributed to the development of Czech society.

However, education was always expensive and only the upper classes could afford it. That is why, as early as the First Republic, projects were set up to support students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Why do we award scholarships?

The Krsek Foundation, endowment fund supports studies at prestigious universities around the world. Among the most famous are Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge. These schools are world hubs of science and culture. Their graduates include renowned scientists, artists and politicians. Each boasts dozens of Nobel Prize winners.

To be admitted to study is to be among the best. But studying there is financially challenging. Getting a student loan is a commitment to the future. To pay it back, many graduates choose to work abroad straight out of school. Sometimes they are contractually obliged to do so by the lender. The main purpose of our foundation is to give graduates the freedom of choice. If they do not have to deal with this financial problem, they can decide where they want to live and work according to other criteria. Naturally, we hope that most of them will return home. They will apply the first-class education and experience they have gained in the Czech Republic and become the future Czech elites.

Scholarships give the opportunity for higher education to the less well-off. All students are currently offered a great chance to take advantage of the Krsek family's private foundation, where prospective students can apply for a grant.

Student scholarships can be obtained from this foundation, which provides funds for studying at prestigious universities around the world, provided certain conditions are met. The Krsek Foundation, endowment fund was established to support the study of our students abroad. This way, it brings opportunities closer to all outstanding students to study technical fields, political science, economics, natural sciences, as well as history at world-renowned universities.

Tomáš Krsek about scholarships

About why they decided to support Czechs studying at the world's top schools:

"When we were young, we knew names like Oxford and Harvard only from books. When we were growing up, it didn't really matter where anyone graduated from. Fortunately, this was also true for the first fifteen years after the revolution. What mattered were ideas, energy and a willingness to work hard. Also the luck of being in the right place at the right time. But today, it doesn't matter anymore.

In a globalising world, excellence in education is increasingly important. And not just for individuals. Nations will prosper or decline depending on how educated their elites are. We want our country to prosper."

How many scholarships do we provide?

Each year, we pay for the tuition of ten students to study for a Master's degree at one of the world's top ten universities. We will support students in engineering, science, economics, history and political science..

What is the selection process?

We support fields whose graduates typically have a broader impact on how society as a whole thrives. We only support master's degrees because the best schools excel in these fields of study.

Are there any conditions for the scholarships?

No, there are not. The main purpose of our support lies precisely in giving these talents the freedom to make their own choices. We will be happy if they return home and start working in the Czech Republic. However, if they decide to spread its good name abroad and return years later, perhaps as top experts in their fields, that is also a good option.