Help for
Ukrainian families

Help for Ukrainian families

The investment group BHM Group has also joined efforts to help people who fled to the Czech Republic from the war in Ukraine. BHM rented a hotel in Prague's Žižkov district with a capacity of over one hundred beds, which provided refugees with accommodation for free for as long as needed according to the individual needs of each family.

These accommodation facilities were used for approximately six months, during which hundreds of Ukrainians, mostly single mothers with children, were helped. BHM Group covered full board and, in addition to food, the group also provided daily Czech language courses to the refugees.

A social worker was also available to Ukrainian refugees to assist with tasks such as registering for health insurance or the employment office.

The project was successfully completed as most families were able to find their own housing, complete the necessary documentation, and successfully enroll their children in educational institutions.

Others were able to arrange for long-term care for the duration of their stay outside their home country.