We support meaningful projects with real impact on society.

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Foundation projects

People around us get into situations that are not easy to get out of. Often, they find themselves in these situations through extraneous causes, circumstances and system design. Living a normal and fulfilling life is virtually impossible.

We seek solutions that gradually enable people to return to a life of dignity.

We solve problems that no one else wants to solve and help people live a normal life.

Project support

Krsek Foundation, endowment fund supports projects that have been running for a long time and have proven to make a difference. We believe that these projects have a profound social impact and deserve wider awareness support.

Evaluation of projects is made on individual basis.

Systematic support for great projects with high social impact.

Project cooperation

The moral and ethical principles and their impact on society is inspiring.

That is why we are proud to work with institutions that have long helped spread goodness and good ideas in society and have a positive impact on people's lives.

We provide targeted assistance in disadvantaged regions and try to prevent social exclusion.