Varnsdorf Wardrobe

The Varnsdorf Wardrobe Project has been running since July 2022 and provides seasonal clothing and basic household textiles. Clients can get towels and bed linen at the same address as the Adictology outpatient clinic (Ševčíkova 3056).

The Varnsdorf wardrobe is there for all those in need and its services can be used not only by single mothers or pensioners, but by anyone who finds themselves in need. We also help single mothers from other towns where they do not yet have the opportunity to use a similar service.

We accept donations:

  • clothes that are still wearable
  • baby gear
  • small furniture (cots, prams, etc.)

We will be glad for any contributions and donations! 

Contact us at: /
Phone: 777 989 514