Need Funds

Material Need Funds

Our foundation supports 2 organizations that care for people in need.

Holy Family Centre

The Holy Family Centre is supported by the Roman Catholic parish of Liběšice u Žatce.

Through the Material Need Funds, we help people below the poverty line and Ukrainian families in hardship. The Holy Family Centre has purchased and renovated a house in Varnsdorf, where an addiction counselling centre and an outpatient clinic for children and young people are open.

St. Vincent de Paul Home

We have been cooperating for many years with this shelter for handicapped parents and children, located in Dolní Podluží in the Ústí nad Labem region.

The shelter provides its residents with social services that help them to live a normal life, integrate into society and raise their children.

Our foundation helps clients of these organizations in the following areas:

  • we provide deposits for entry to the shelter
  • we contribute to the purchase of food, school lunches, medicines, medical supplies and household appliances
  • in exceptional and justified cases, we help to pay debts and resolve foreclosures