I do it
for myself

I do it for myself (social grants)

I do it for myself is a project we are working on together with the St. Vincent de Paul Home, a shelter for disabled parents with children in the Ústí nad Labem region. This shelter provides its residents with social services to help them live a normal life, integrate into society and raise their children.

Project goals

Our goal is to help families in the Šluknov region and other areas of the Czech Republic who are finding themselves in a difficult social situation.

We agreed with Hana Venurová, the director of the shelter, that it makes the most sense to support education. We are trying to teach parents that a child's chances of success will increase if they achieve more than a basic education and become "something", such as learning a trade.

How the project works

Our goal is to help families in the Šluknov region and other areas of the Czech Republic who are currently in a difficult social situation.

  • Social allowance for studies

    We cover all costs associated with studying that are not covered by the family budget - for example, fares, dormitory fees, school canteens, etc. The Foundation pays these costs directly to the providers' accounts.

  • Motivational contribution

    We will set up a deposit for each child to receive a sum of money for each year completed. For each year completed, we will deposit CZK 10,000 - after successful completion of a course of study, a child can save up to CZK 63,000.

In case of improvement in core subjects, we will increase the amount of the annual deposit by up to 50% of the total amount deposited to date. In the evaluation process, we value effort rather than results. However, we always make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Often it is more valuable to improve a four-ear scratch to a three than a two-ear scratch to a one.

After obtaining a certificate of education or a high school diploma, we will increase the total amount collected by 50%. The graduate of the program will have funding for his/her own rent or further studies.

If the child does not complete his/her studies, the entitlement to the incentive allowance ceases (but the social allowance does not have to be returned to us).

Project results

The Dělám to pro sebe (I do it for myself) project is exclusively for socially vulnerable families, who are referred to us by social workers and teachers in schools. So far, 31 children and students have benefited from it.