Counselling Centre

Addiction Counselling Centre

Project in cooperation with the Holy Family Centre

In 2020, in cooperation with the Holy Family Centre in Varnsdorf, an addiction counselling centre was opened, focusing on children and youth.

The problem of addiction is unfortunately quite widespread in this region and there is a lack of sufficient prevention programmes. Counselling or even outpatient treatment, for which families with children would need to make difficult commutes. For the purpose of the counseling center, we helped the Holy Family Center purchase a house that has undergone the necessary renovations to best meet the needs of the addiction counseling center - whether it be for group events, outpatient treatment or individual counseling.

In August 2022, the addiction counselling centre was registered as a medical facility and offers therapeutic services in a full-fledged psychiatric outpatient clinic since October 2022.

In the future, the plan is to expand the service to include a day care centre.